Mary & Jesus:
The Quranic Narrative

With Christmas time approaching, it is important for ourselves and our children to learn the story of Mary and Jesus as told by Allah himself in the Quran. 

The lessons we can learn from it and to appreciate the status of Maryam and 'Isa a.s.

Saturday 19th December 2020

5:00 - 8:00pm (U.K Time)

Cost: FREE

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The Sacred Science of Divine Revelation 

A unique 4 session course exploring the sacred science of Tajweed from its inception of revelation, to how we have come to understand it today. An unmissable course for seekers of all levels, whether you've never studied Tajweed before, a beginner student, or even a Tajweed teacher. This is for you

4 Session Course  
Sunday 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th December

 7.30pm - 9pm (U.K Time) 

Cost: FREE

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Intensive Tajweed Course for Beginners

This is our most popular course which fills up fast!

Since Ramadhan 2020 we have been holding this course with a new batch of students each calendar month.

We have taken over 1000 students since then, from 0 to being able to recite Quran independently whilst applying the necessary rules of Quranic recitation.

This course is intensive and ideal for New Muslims/Converts also. We also offer extra support via WhatsApp from the teacher to further aid the students achieve their targets.

We have previously had many students who started the course unable to recognise Arabic letters, to reciting from Quran within 15/16 lessons with good pronunciation. Alhamdulillah.

The course heavily focuses on pronunciation, and covering the necessary rules to ensure no major & minor mistakes are made in the recitation of Quran.

It requires great commitment.

Spend one month at least, truly dedicating as much effort and time as you can in learning the Quran, the correct way.


Quran for Parents | Tajweed Training Crash Course

Leaving a Legacy

Join our online one-to-one Quran classes with experienced and qualified teachers who specialise in the science of Tajweed.
We at Quranic Insights believe there is a great need for parents to learn how to recite Quran so that they could then sit with their children and help them practice at home.
One of the issues teachers in Islamic Schools (Maktabs/Madrassah's) face is that children are unable to practice adequately at home due to parents not having had any formal training in Tajweed. From personal experiences, children who receive the right support from parents who have studied Tajweed, see exceptional progress, head and shoulders above the rest.
To be able to recite Qur'an with Tajweed only takes a handful of lessons yet its benefits are ever-lasting. Not only for oneself, but also for others whom they are able to support.
Give your children that added advantage and help them progress effectively. The joys of listening to your child recite Quran with the precision of Tajweed has a fulfilling sweetness to it like nothing else. 

Approx. 20 Lessons

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Tafsir: Last 10 Surah's | FREE 5 Week Course
SISTERS ONLY | Online via Zoom

Replenishing the Soul

An in depth look into the Last 10 Surah's of the Quran from Suratul Fil to Surah Naas. 

A short 5 lesson course delving into the depths of each Surah to understand the wisdom's, the teachings and beauty of the words of Allah. 

A unique course that will bring life to your recitation of these oft-repeated Surah's in your Salah. 

A verse by verse spiritual awakening and revival of the Quranic discourse.


Ustadha Shabnam Khalil (As-Suffa Institute) will give a walk through of the Surah's, in its original context, its relevance in the Sirah (biography) of the Prophet (pbuh) and how we can derive lessons and guidance in light of today's time. 

Starts: Sunday 26th July 2020

Time: 5pm-6.30pm every Sunday for 5 weeks.



Promising Personalised Guidance Every Step of the Way

Would you like to gain more knowledge and create better learning habits? Are you interested in attaining closeness to Allah? With our tutors years of experience as Quran teachers, we can help you in a number of different ways.

We aspire to guarantee quality teaching services that result in students’ ultimate success. Get in touch today and see how we can assist you in becoming a better, more efficient learner.


Beginners Tajweed

Foundational Excellence

Whether you are new to the Arabic language or never learnt the correct pronunciation of reciting Quran, this course is for you.
We at Quranic Insights believe that in order to excel in your recitation of Quran, it is of paramount importance to be able to pronounce the Arabic letters correctly. Our beginner level focuses and puts great emphasis on student's developing a standard of excellence in the art of recitation. Readying the student to then absorb the more technical rules of Tajweed.
(Approx. 20 Lessons)

Intermediate Level

Personalised Attention

This level focuses on practical rules that brings out further beauty in recitation. The teacher will train the students to identify and recognise important rules required  to take their reading to another level. Making learning fun through a variety of engaging methods and exercises. This level will also involve the teacher providing memorisation tips and support to cover the shorter Surah's which are often recited in prayer. Once completed, students may look further into memorising certain longer Surah's such as Surah Ya-Sin, Al-Mulk etc.

Quran and Prayer Beads

Advanced Level

Beyond Excellence

The advanced level is for students who desire to go beyond learning the practical rules, but want to go a step further in understanding the technicalities of Tajweed. This level will help the student understand the in-depth theory of why certain rules apply and how to practically implement them. By the end of this level not only will you be able to recite confidently, it will also equip you with the tools to teach others how to recite Quran correctly. It will also involve learning the brief history on how the rules of Tajweed were codified throughout time.


Hifdh Programme

Ultimate Goal

The virtues of the Hifdh Programme and for the one who desires to embark on its journey are plentiful. Of the many virtues mentioned in our tradition is a statement of our beloved messenger ﷺ who said,

  "The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it."

The Hifdh Programme requires a great level of effort in persistence and dedication, a journey which bears many fruits for the one treading upon it for himself and his family in this life, and especially in the after-life.


Tuhfatul Atfaal – Poem in the Science of Tajweed

Classical Text

Tuhfatul Atfaal translated as "A Gift for Children" is the famous poem written by Imam Al-Jamzuri (Rahimahullaah) in the Hijri year 1198. To this day Tuhfatul Atfaal is one of the most taught and sought after Arabic texts with regards to learning Tajweed in a classical style.  The text itself is not exhaustive yet what you gain is tremendously monumental. The student has the option to either simply read through and understanding the text, or to memorise the complete poem with the aid of the teacher.

Muslim Man Praying

Sponsor Family/Friend

Investing for the Hereafter

Our sponsorship programme is an investment opportunity of Sadaqah Jaariyah for you. A continuous reward for every single letter the beneficiary attempts to correct Tajweed, let alone eventually reciting comfortably. This is a unique opportunity which enables you to gift your own family members or friends the chance to learn Quran correctly. Whether they live abroad and don't have access to good education, or someone who you simply really want to give an extra helping hand to. These lessons under the guidance of experienced and qualified teachers can make all the difference for them to excel. Contact us today for more information or to sponsor a student.
[You may sponsor on behalf of deceased members of your family]