One to One Tajwid Lessons

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Beginners Tajweed

Whether you are new to the Arabic language or never learnt the correct pronunciation of reciting Quran, this course is for you.

We at Quranic Insights believe that in order to excel in your recitation of Quran, it is of paramount importance to be able to pronounce the Arabic letters correctly. Our beginner level focuses and puts great emphasis on student’s developing a standard of excellence in the art of recitation. Readying the student to then absorb the more technical rules of Tajweed.

Intermediate Level

This level focuses on practical rules that brings out further beauty in recitation. The teacher will train the students to identify and recognise important rules required  to take their reading to another level. Making learning fun through a variety of engaging methods and exercises. This level will also involve the teacher providing memorisation tips and support to cover the shorter Surah’s which are often recited in prayer. Once completed, students may look further into memorising certain longer Surah’s such as Surah Ya-Sin, Al-Mulk etc.

Advanced Level

The advanced level is for students who desire to go beyond learning the practical rules, but want to go a step further in understanding the technicalities of Tajweed. This level will help the student understand the in-depth theory of why certain rules apply and how to practically implement them. By the end of this level not only will you be able to recite confidently, it will also equip you with the tools to teach others how to recite Quran correctly. It will also involve learning the brief history on how the rules of Tajweed were codified throughout time.

Hifdh Programme

The virtues of the Hifdh Programme and for the one who desires to embark on its journey are plentiful. Of the many virtues mentioned in our tradition is a statement of our beloved messenger ﷺ who said,  “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”

The Hifdh Programme requires a great level of effort in persistence and dedication, a journey which bears many fruits for the one treading upon it for himself and his family in this life, and especially in the after-life.

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