• AbdulHayy Salloo

Quranic Miracle in Prophecy - "Rome was Dominated"

This will blow your mind!

Allah says in the Qur'an

"Rome was dominated in the lowest of the earth" [Surah Room]

At the Prophet's time (peace & blessings upon him) the Arabs lived in the desert, where there was nothing worthy of conquering. It wasn't an interesting place, just desert.

On one side there was the giant Roman empire, and on the other side was another huge Persian empire.

These two giant kingdoms were extremely big and powerful who used to go to war with each other all the time.

Whereas the Arabs had the tiniest place, and they didn't really have anything valuable, which the Romans or Persians would want to conquer.

The Romans & Persians would conquer places which had Farmlands, Rivers, Trade routes and things like that so they could expand their empire.

The Romans were Christians, and the Persians were pagans and fire worshippers. The Muslims worshipped Allah and the Mushrikoon (Polytheists) worshipped the Idols.

So the Romans, even though they committed Shirk, they were still in a sense, the followers of Isa a.s somewhat. So the Roman Christians are more closer to the Muslims in faith than the Persians.

The Persian Pagans on the other hand were closer to the Mushrikoon (The Polytheists). They were similar because they worshipped other than God.

Whenever the Romans and Persians would to go to war, the Muslims would prefer a win for the Romans and the Mushrikoon , a win for the Persians.

When the two giant kingdoms fought, to the Arabs it was like a sports match they were spectating. One side against another, bragging rights sort of thing.

At the prophet's time, a major war did break out between the Romans and the Persians. The Romans suffered a catastrophic loss, and so the Mushrikoon of Makkah began to mock the Muslims. A win for the polytheists against a nation who supposedly follow divine law.

It was then that revelation came down to the Prophet that, yes. Rome was dominated, they were crushed! But within 10 years they will make a comeback and win again. The Romans were almost completely wiped out, such was the devastation they suffered.

The Mushrikoon thought 'Impossible!'. There is no chance the Romans will ever make a comeback after such a heavy defeat. Especially not within 10 years!

Abu Bakr was Abu Bakr. As-Siddik, The one who without hesitation affirms the truth. After seeing one of the Polytheists of Makkah jeering and mocking the Muslims for a seemingly absurd prediction from the Quran. Abu-Bakr wanted to make a bet. (At that time betting wasn't Forbidden yet)

To which they eventually agreed and bet each other around 100 Camels.

If Rome makes a comeback and win within 10 years, Abu-Bakr (R.A) wins 100 Camels. If Rome doesn't make a comeback and win, Abu-Bakr (R.A) loses 100 Camels.

Fast Forward. . . The Romans won.

Now here's where it gets a little crazy about what exactly Allah says in the Quran.

Allah says the Romans will win on the day that the Muslims will be very happy.