Prophet Abraham’s Attitude

Not only was prophet Ibrahim’s father a disbeliever, rather he endorsed, manufactured and sold idols of shirk. A perfect example of the epitome of antithesis between father and son.

These particular set of Aayaat is about Ibrahim a.s as he converses with his father about his beliefs in Allah. After Ibrahim a.s contends with his father of the fallacy of idol worship, Ibrahim a.s then talks about Allah. . . This is how the conversation unfolds. In which we find a profound lesson.

{Pay extra attention to the words in Caps lock}

Ibrahim a.s says;

“(Allah is) THE ONE WHO created me, then HE is the one that guides me.

And HE is the one, HE feeds me, and HE gives me to drink

And whenever I would become sick, then HE is the one that cures me” {Quran 26:78-80}

The only Aayah here in which the 1st person “I” is resorted to, is when Ibrahim a.s becomes sick.

Everything else is “HE feeds, HE creates, HE gives to drink, HE cures. . .

Then . . . “I get sick”,

Instead of saying . . . “He makes me sick”

No. Ibrahim a.s has too much respect for Allah to say that.

He can’t bring himself to say it.

Even though sickness comes from Allah too… but because it’s not something people like of course.

He doesn’t want to associate it with Allah. He only associates the good with Allah.

Now just think about that for a moment. It’s an attitude adjustment. How often when we become ill, or see someone extremely ill… We say that it is Allah’s decree. Yes it is, but what we learn from these Aayaat is that we focus on the positives, that yes, I am sick, but for sure, He, Allah will cure me.

Whenever we get into problems, we start complaining

“Why is Allah doing this to me? I didn’t deserve this! Look at all those other evil people?! Why not them?! Why me?!” This in fact is a sign of weak Imaan, and a sign of ungratefulness to Allah.

But Ibrahim a.s. The level of servitude and respect Ibrahim a.s has for Allah speaks volumes. In which there is a profound lesson for us to help us navigate our thoughts and attitudes towards Allah.

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