A Lesson of Submission in the Story of Musa

Often when we recite the Quran and look at its meaning, we focus on what is being said, but not necessarily focusing on how it is said. How Allah conveys the message. A lot of wisdom is lost by not having the right focus.

A genuine study of the Quran throughout its pages, its sentences, even down to specific usage of words unravel and exposes incredible insights and guidance which would otherwise most certainly be lost.

This particular insight comes from the story of Musa (a.s) and how he was taught a lesson in submission.

What we learn is, when we want to submit before Allah, then our feelings cannot get in the way. We have to train ourselves to make our feelings submit. Our feelings come second, and the obedience to Allah comes first.

When Allah commanded Musa a.s to throw his staff, and it turned into this giant horrifying snake, Allah said to Musa a.s “خُذْهَا وَلَا تَخَفْ” (Grab it [the snake] and don’t be afraid)

Allah did not say “لَا تَخَفْ وَ خُذْهَا” (Don’t be afraid and grab it) The guidance is in the sequence of the words. Usually we would say something like, don’t be afraid, remain calm, compose yourself, then take a dive into the pool. When anybody is faced with a challenge in which they are fearful, we try to calm them before encouraging them to take a leap of faith. Allah however, he encourages us the opposite when it comes to obeying him. Allah wants you to rely on him, to trust him, to trust his guidance.

In order to fulfil Allah’s instructions and commands, we need to overcome our emotions. Like Musa a.s had to. In Musa a.s’ case, it was fear that he needed to overcome. That is how he manifested his submission. Often we feel nervous, anxious, afraid, sometimes embarrassed to carry out acts of obedience. Be it offering Salah in public places, or simply advising one’s friend towards righteousness. Allah says, do the good deed, and don’t shy away from it. To rely on Allah for the outcome. However, we have to play our part first. May Allah make us a people of submission to Allah. Aameen.

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