A Believers Elevated Standard

The Quran covers many aspects of social ethics and manners, and this example is extremely unique.

In Surah Nur, Aayah 27, Allah says: “لا تدخلوا بيوتا غير بيوتكم حتى تستأنسوا”

Which is often translated as, “Do no’t enter homes other than your own homes until you’ve sought permission.” There’s actually a more intricate and insightful nuance in the Arabic for the word translated as ‘permission’

If it was simply “permission”, a different word would have been used here, rather, Allah’s word choice advises much more than just that.

The root word of ” تستأنسوا ” comes from “أُنس “, a word that has to do with affection and belonging.

So what’s really being implied in this word, by its grammar and morphology, is that Allah forbids you from entering upon others unless you’re certain that you are welcome, that you’re wanted, and you have sensed the personal situation of the one you wish to visit.

This could actually carry over to all forms of privacy and personal space that a Muslim should be considerate and respectful of.

It sounds so simple, yet it shows just how much care and attention Muslims are expected to give to others.

One of many examples, of the elevated standard that Allah holds us to, and expects the believers to adhere to.

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