Spiritual Saturdays – Tarbiyyah Sessions

Monthly Online Tarbiyyah Programme for Sisters

Quranic Insights, in collaboration with other local and well-known organisations, is pleased to offer you a Tarbiyyah programme to help you build a strong connection with Allah (s). This is a 12-month programme held monthly on the first Saturday of the month. The topics also relate to the Islamic calendar.

The aim of the programme is:

  1. To strengthen your connection and increase your faith in Allah, and also raise your standards in your worship. 
  2. To make your worship meaningful and a spiritual experience.
  3. We aim to take you through a range of important topics and give you relevant, inspiring and practical advice on living an Islamic lifestyle with Allah (s) at the core of your being.
  4. Address common challenges and offer solutions from the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  5. To connect you with teachers who understand your struggles and are committed to your spiritual growth.

What topics will be discussed?

Saturday 7th January 2023
Purification of the Heart 

Saturday 4th February 2023
Loving the Almighty – Asma Al-Husna 

Saturday 4th March 2023
Preparing for Ramadan 
& Making the Most out of Sha’ban 

Saturday 1st April 2023
The Majestic Qur’an – Me, Allah and My Qur’an 

Saturday 6th May 2023
My obstacles to my journey to Allah and Staying Connected Post-Ramadan 

Saturday 3rd June 2023
Loving the Beloved (salAllahu ‘alayhi wassallam).

Saturday 8th July 2023
Hajj – A story of persistence, sacrifice and divine love.

Saturday 5th August 2023
Lessons from the life of Prophet Musa (alayhi-salam), of strength, trust and courage. Insight into the Day of Ashura.

Saturday 2nd September 2023
Understanding your enemy: A study of Shaytan.

Saturday 7th October 2023
A Quranic Strategy to Success

Saturday 4th November 2023
Salah: The Daily Transformer 

Saturday 2nd December 2023
Sacred lessons from Sayyida Maryam (alayha-salam)

This course is only available to sisters.

You will need to enrol to view the course content and webinar details

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