“The Colour of Allah”

An Aayah in Suratul Baqarah when translated literally, sounds very strange.

Allah says (Aayah 138) “صِبْغَةَ اللَّـهِ ۖ وَمَنْ أَحْسَنُ مِنَ اللَّـهِ صِبْغَةً ۖ”

Literally translated as, ‘The colour/dye of Allah. And who is better than Allah in terms of colour’

It sounds like a very weird thing to say.

In actual fact, it is very beautiful and a very colourful image being painted in the Quran.

So what does it really mean? Check out this imagery.

Imagine somebody dumped themselves completely in a giant tub of blue paint, they would be entirely painted in blue. If they dumped themselves in yellow paint, they would entirely be coloured in yellow.

What the Aayah is referring to when it says, “The colour/dye of Allah”. Imagine, somebody has dumped themselves entirely in the belief of Allah. Their inner and outer manifests that they are ambassadors of Allah’s beautiful religion in every aspect of their lives. From their manners and character, to the way they present themselves. The manner in which they offer prayers in solitude late into the night, to the way they worship in public. Their humility, their kindness and soft nature, their standing up for justice and strength. Whatever they do, whatever they say, it reminds you of Allah.

They have taken on the colour, the صِبْغَةَ of Allah’s guidance and Imaan/faith in their heart.

Taking on the صِبْغَةَ of Allah has transformed them completely. This is what is meant by صِبْغَةَ اللَّـهِ

So, who is better than someone who has taken on completely, the colour of a believer in Allah.

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