Scientific Sunnah Miracle

I’m not the biggest fan of basing beliefs on modern science as I believe that methodology is flawed for many reasons, having said that, science does many a times work hand in hand with what our Deen teaches. After all, it is Allah who created the sciences. Our understanding of sciences is constantly evolving and developing, our understanding will always be incomplete and imperfect, whereas Islam is divinely fully complete and perfect. This profound example comes from a narration of the Prophet (Peace and blessings upon him).

The Sunnah is way ahead of time, even though you often hear that Islamic tradition is backward and whatever else. Now pay attention to the wording of the Hadith.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings upon him) said,

“Make the rows straight and do not *differ, lest your hearts *differ.” Narrated by Muslim, 432.

Up until recent scientific discovery, we would have thought this Hadith is referring only to a spiritual differing, but check this! How the scientific miracle comes into it.

The following is from

“We may not immediately think of our heart as a collection of individual cells. But it is the complex interaction of numerous cell types that give the heart its ability to pump blood.

As long as the beating cells do not touch one another, their beats are independent – some are faster, some are slower.”

(In other words, They “Differ” as mentioned in the Hadith.)

“But after two or three days, the myocytes form interconnected sheets of cells (meaning when they are together) they beat in unison.

making their cytoplasms interconnected. It is these gap junctions that ensure that the connected cells work as ONE.”

Further research also shows that people who are in close proximity with one another, their breathing and also their *heart beats* synchronise, and do not *differ. So when we stand in Salaah, in Jama’ah, congregation, our hearts are united. Spiritually, AND Scientifically speaking.

Which we are meant to bring out, outside of our Salat too.

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