• AbdulHayy Salloo


Updated: Dec 6, 2018

We previously discussed the qualities of "Ar-Rahman", now we will discuss 2 qualities of the word "Ar-Raheem" - {If you haven't read the post on "Ar-Rahman" yet, please click here: https://www.quranicinsights.com/insights/rahman } "Ar-Raheem"

* Quality Number 1: Permanency. If you remember, one of the qualities of "Ar-Rahman" was it being temporary. In contrast, "Ar-Raheem" means "always kind, always loving, always caring, always merciful, constantly, perpetually, endlessly..." - There is no end to his mercy, love and care, it's always going to be there, everlasting.

Linguistically that's just how "Ar-Raheem" is structured. That's 1 quality.

* Quality Number 2: It isn't necessarily happening right now.

Remember what i said about "Rahman"? That it is something immediate and happening at this very moment. Here you'll find another contrast.

"Ar-Raheem", linguistically speaking, it means it is not necessarily happening right now. However it is a quality that is always there though.

Now how does that make sense? Let me explain.

[Side note. We must know that this discussion is not about understanding Allah, as that's far beyond our human capacity, rather it is to at least have a slight idea about Allah through language.]

So, how can something not be happening right now, but is always there?

If I describe a person as "Strong", does that necessarily mean he's using that strength now? No.

Yet do they still have that strength and power? Even when they are sleeping? Yes.

They have that power all the time, but not necessarily using it right now.

That's kind of like what "Raheem" does.

The power of mercy is always and always there, but the word itself does not necessarily mean that Allah is using it right at this very moment in some way. It's calm and relaxed for the time being maybe. _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now look at these 2 words together.

If you just say "Ar-Rahman". What is the potential scary thing? The scariest thing is it not being permanent.

So Allah adds a word that makes it permanent.

If you were only to just say "Ar-Raheem", then what would be the problem? You would have a couple of problems. Number 1: It doesn't guarantee it's happening right now. Number 2: Also, it's not something that is extreme, or intensely vigorous.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

So how do you talk about Allah's mercy?

You want to make it; 1. Permanent, 2. Extreme, 3. Happening right now, and for it to remain constantly.

You want all the things that come from "Ar-RaHmaan" and you want all the things that come from "Ar-RaHeem"

So Allah covered mercy, from every possible angle, when HE said, "Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem!" - There's nothing missing now.