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ط = Snake?

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Here's something crazy about the letter " ط " ?

Some historians argue that the Arabic script was inspired and developed by different historical origins; Ancient Syriac, Egyptian Hieroglyphics . . . Things like that.

So the letter ط is actually argued to be from Egyptian Hieroglyphics by some historians.

The letter ط is drawn like a 'Snake' coiled up, wrapped round at the bottom and is standing up ready to bite, like a cobra.

Now, even though the Letter ط doesn't mean that. It's just shaped like that.

What the really cool thing about this is, you know how some Surah's in the Quran begin with certain letters; like "Alif-Laam-Meem", "Kaaf-Haa-Yaa-'Ayn-Saad","Taa-Seen-Meem", "Ta-Ha" ( ط )

You have a number of Surah's that begin with a ط ,

And every single one of the Surah's that begins with a ط, has a mention of Musa (moses a.s) and his staff turning into a snake.

Will never see the letter ط the same way ever again!

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