Essentials of Deen

Online Muslim Sisters’ Weekly Classes

Join Ustadha Shabnam Khalil every Sunday between 12pm-2pm and be inspired!

A weekly get together with like minded sisters to learn our beautiful faith; covering topics such as Fiqh, Quran, Hadith & Seerah.

The sessions will help with practical as well as spiritual growth, in our pursuit of attaining closeness to Allah and His final Messenger (s.a.w)

This course is only available to sisters.

You will need to enrol to view the course content and webinar details

Sisters can enrol onto this course by clicking here

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About the course instructor

Ustadhah Zahra is currently working towards attaining an Ijaazah in her Tajweed Studies as well as almost completing her 9 year ‘Alimiyyah studies.
Ustadha Zahra reached the finals of The National Qirat Competition on Islam Channel. She has been teaching Qur’an recitation and Tajweed for over 6 years both internationally online and in her local Madrassah. She has studied under teachers with Ijaazah from Al-Azhar University
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