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Ustadh AbdulHayy began the study of Tajweed and completed the vigorous Hifdh Programme in Darul Uloom Bury, U.K in just over two years.

Ustadh AbdulHayy has been teaching the sacred science of Tajweed for over 10 years. 
Having initiated the adults Tajweed course in As-Suffa Institute, Birmingham in 2014, Ustadh continued advanced Tajweed studies under Shaykh Mohammed from Egypt.
Ustadh AbdulHayy also taught Classical Arabic for Bayyinah Institute based in Dallas, USA, for their online Access programme.

Ustadh AbdulHayy was also the director of Tajweed studies for Arabic Academy Sunday school based in Walsall, UK.

Ustadh AbdulHayy is the founder of Quranic Insights.

Ustadh AbdulHayy


Ustadhah Zahra is currently working towards attaining an Ijaazah in her Tajweed Studies as well as almost completing her 9 year ‘Alimiyyah studies.
Ustadha Zahra reached the finals of The National Qirat Competition on Islam Channel. She has been teaching Qur’an recitation and Tajweed for over 6 years both internationally online and in her local Madrassah. She has studied under teachers with Ijaazah from Al-Azhar University.

Ustadha Zahra


Ustadh Safwaan has an Ijaazah in the recital of Hafs 'an Asim and memorised the entire Quran studying at the prestigious Darul Uloom Bury, UK where he also completed his full 'Aalimiyyah course.

Ustadh Safwaan has years of experience teaching Qur'an.

Ustadh Safwaan Hussein


Ustadhah Naimah attained an Ijazah in Juz Amma by way of Hafs 'an 'Aasim having studied under Ustadha Sawsan Mostafa from Egypt in 2011 

Ustadha also studied the Usool of Shatibiyyah and Jazariyyah under Mufti Muhammad Umer Esmail (Texas, USA ), receiving verbal ijazah in teaching Tajweed and Tuhfat Al Atfaal (2011-2012). As well as studying the Jazariyyah and Khaaqaniyyah with Shaykh Uthman Khan (Canada).
Currently Ustadha is completing a recital of the Qur'an in the way of Hafs 'An 'Aasim with Ustadha Hend Salem (Egypt) to receive further certification and sanad insha-Allah. 

Having recently completed the traditional 'Aalimiyyah, Darse Nizami curriculum at As Suffa Institute, Birmingham, UK. She has also taught Tajweed at As-Suffa Institute since 2014.
Ustadha Naimah has taught Tajweed online for Seekers Guidance as well as Nur ul Ilm Academy between 2012-2015. Furthermore she has also taught and managed her local Madrassah.

Ustadha Naimah has a BSc (Hons) in Human Bio-sciences 

Ustadha Naimah