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As professional private teachers, we understand and know what it means to get students back on track and excelling in their recitation of the glorious Quran. Whether you’re looking for an intensive course or a free-flowing one, we provide customised teaching services according to your specific needs, and guide you every step of the way.
See what our students have had to say about studying with Quranic Insights.

I went from being a revert of three years wanting to read our Holy Book and this class was available. I'm a mother of three and I live in Texas. I went from not knowing anything in Arabic, feeling nervous and scared, but by the end of the course I felt extremely confident in reading and understanding.
The beauty of Tajweed is to make your recitation better, however it made me better in such a way that it penetrated my heart.
To this day when I revise, I look back on how this class made me feel, how it made me better, even in my Salat.
There's nothing to lose only to gain. I hope you give this class a go, you won't regret it. The teacher was very patient and you need teachers like that. Never wavering.

Valerie De Leon,

Texas, USA

Alhamdulillah I'm really enjoying learning Tajweed with simple and efficient methods implemented by the teacher.
I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to start learning Quran and also to those who want to improve and make their recitation sound better.
This course helps to correct all the mistakes we are unconsciously making daily.
I also believe that anyone who starts to learn to recite the Quran with proper Tajweed would experience an amazing feel whilst memorising it.
May Allah help us all to become good reciters.

Halima Abdoul Hakim,
Paris, France

I'm really enjoying my lessons so much. They are fun and something to look forward to, it's really nice to be able to recite with good Tajweed with a good teacher. 
It doesn't seem too difficult at all and the teacher really encourages you to practise and repeat the words/letters you find difficult. I am seeing great progress in myself.
The lessons are not too long or too short, just enough time so you can fit them in around your daily routine.You really pick up a lot within a few lessons.
Going back to the basics I find is very useful.
Having the lessons online, I had a few concerns at first but they are fine, you can do them at whatever time is convenient for you & getting 1 to 1 tuition really helps because I feel you get more out of your lesson that way.
The Tajweed lessons is like a little iman booster, being able to recite properly makes you want to recite more & read more Quran in Salah.
I have also found that your recitation naturally starts to sound nicer with Tajweed and I look forward to the rest of my lessons.
If you are looking for lessons I would definitely recommend Quranic Insights Tajweed course. The teacher makes it really easy and there are also sound clips that you can listen to in your own time to help with practise, which breaks down the letters/sounds. I found those really useful.

Aaliyah Safiyyah,

I had the wonderful opportunity to get lessons from my teacher who understood which level I was at and what I needed to improve on to make myself better in reciting Quran with Tajweed. Alhamdulillah from my teacher's guidance I have significantly improved in my Tajweed and in understanding the rules of the Quran.

Nadir Khan,
Stoke-On-Trent, UK

Quranic Insights is an excellent institution. These classes are bespoke to the student. The knowledgeable teachers run the classes at a pace that is suitable to the student, and not to a generic curriculum. I would recommend it to any individual who wishes to improve their connection with the Quran through improving their Tajweed.

Haris Muhammad,
Leeds, UK

“I had made the intention earlier this year to make an effort to learn Tajweed with a teacher to help improve my recitation.

SubhanAllah, within a few weeks I came across this Quranic Insight's Quran for Parents Tajweed Course.
Feeling somewhat nervous and apprehensive as my knowledge of Tajweed was virtually non-existent and my recitation was not fluent at all, I signed up.
I was able to work out class timings that were suitable for me.
The teacher was very patient and took the class according to my pace of learning and level of understanding.
This has not only helped to consolidate what I was learning and improve my confidence in reciting but has also given me the insight and understanding into when I am listening to various reciters.
I would really highly recommend anyone thinking about doing such a course to go ahead without hesitation.”

Aliah Shabbir,
London, UK

It’s been amazing to see how well my daughter progressed in the ability to pronounce and recite Quran properly MaashaAllah. I highly recommend these classes to anyone. It’s worth the investment. My daughter enjoys the sessions.

Zamzam Umm Tasnim Adan,
Leicester, UK

This course is extremely beneficial if you are looking to learn Tajweed rules as well as improving your recitation. It helped me a great deal to connect with the Quran again Alhamdulilah. My teacher put in extra effort, enabling me to learn at a comfortable pace while correcting my mistakes. The class times and days were flexible enough to fit my schedule and I noticed a lot of improvement after the first few sessions. Also the one to one session means, you can easily ask and clear any doubts.
Highly recommended!

Sana Haye,
Swansea, Wales